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Cryotherapy is a technique that utilizes freezing power from liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, argon and other various cryogenic gases. The application of cryotherapy freezes the abnormal cells that are associated with pesky and unsightly benign skin lesions, keratosis and pigmentation/sun damage and much more. 

Cryosurgery is a type of surgery for benign or malignant tissues that involves the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues and tumors and also described as Cryo-Ablation.

Cryotherapy works by taking advantage of the force of freezing temperatures on cells When their temperature sinks beyond a certain level ice crystals begin forming inside the cells and, because of their lower density, eventually break down those cells.  


It is a pen-like instrument that utilizes the latest Nitrous Oxide micro-technology.

The CryoProbe has an optimal freezing temperature of -127 °F this coupled with an impressive delivery pressure of 725 psi. The stream of gas under this pressure allows for a quick, effective and direct treatment permeating to the perfect diameter and depth associated with the lesion.

The practitioner will measure the area to be treated and select the matching applicator tip which allows the capability to work within millimeter precision. This allows little to no collateral damage outside the lesion border, sparing the healthy tissue.



Most Cryotherapy treatments use:

The swab, cone spray or press method and use...

Liquid Nitrogen = that has a freezing temperature of −321 °F and is usually dabbed on with a cotton swab. This method can allow for the opportunity of damaging normal skin tissues due to the low temperature gradient and lack of precision to the lesion border.

Carbon Dioxide mixed with Acetone. This forms a slush that is also placed onto the skin with limited accuracy and creates an opportunity to cause cell death in healthy surrounding tissues.

Argon. This is usually applied topically with a needle for more control.

Over the counter freeze sprays that are only -42 °F. These are usually a propane base with aerosols and tetrafluoroethane.

Some of the above methods are spayed through a cryotherapy canister but the spray emits a fall out or has a cone spray pattern (as seen in above photo) not staying exact to the lesion and allowing contact with the healthy skin

For Comparison The CryoProbe

is the most ground-breaking technological advancement offering the most significant improvement in cryosurgery on the market in the last decade.

The CryoProbe offers: Accuracy, Ultra Cold, Pressure


  • Different sized applicator tips ranging from 1mm-10mm – perfect precision
  • Only device that can treat as small as 1mm
  • Minute precision allows for treatment around the mouth and eye area.
  • Improved patient comfort due to the reduction of collateral damage to healthy surrounding skin.
  • Little to NO scarring or white spots (hypo-pigmentation) left behind due to healthy tissue not being affected
  • Ultra fine jet allows millimeter precision accuracy
  • micro-applicator tips makes the CryoProbe the favored instrument for facial lesions

Ultra cold

  • Perfect temperature gradient at -127 °F. Not so cold that it causes unbridled destruction that could result in scarring or hypo-pigmentation
  • This temperature allows for the gradient to penetrate into depth for heart of lesion
  • Prime treatability before thawing at surface level or upon skin contact
  • Much colder than most units on the market which allows more effectiveness
  • Freezing power-penetration allows for fast dissolution of benign lesions


  • 725 psi penetrates faster to the heart of the lesion
  • The pressure allows for a precise stream and no fall out spray
  • Allows for treatment right up to the border to ensure full treatment area


  • 725 psi penetrates faster to the heart of the lesion
  • The pressure allows for a precise stream and no fall out spray
  • Allows for treatment right up to the border to ensure full treatment area
  • no anesthesia demanded
  • No scarring, minimal surface trauma
  • Fast healing of benign skin lesions

How much does it cost?


* this includes a complimentary touch up session *

What can be treated?

All benign skin lesions:

Verrucae, skin tags, solar lentigo, pigmented spots, liver spots, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, hemangioma, molluscum contagiosum, condyloma, plantar warts, and many more...Click slide show below to see